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Nora Jean Stone says, "One can never have too large an electronic foot print."

Nora Jean Stone's Bio:

Nora Jean Stone is best known as an Online Teacher of Polymer Clay. Since 1999 she has hosted a polymer clay Yahoo Group, CITY-o-Clay, which now has over 2K subscribers. Through her website , she has offered free polymer clay and general art theory tutorials to the public since 2000. 

In 2009, Nora Jean Stone began her astrology service, starting with an online section on her website. 2010 she joined the San Francisco Astrological Society as a member. 2011 she volunteered with the San Francisco Astrological Society as their Director of Publicity and Outreach. Nora Jean Stone's background in public relations started in 1986 with the EPA in the office of External Affairs. Later with E. Bruce Harrison, an environmental public relations firm of long standing. Nora Jean Stone's BA in English Literature and her love of writing enabled her to ghost write for a blog on a non-profit website that focused on world poverty, where she honed her skills in Social Media Marketing. 

Outside of Nora Jean Stone's volunteer activities with CITY-o-Clay and the San Francisco Astrological Society, she is continuing on her path as an artist, writer, blogger, all around social media maven, and a grandmother of 5 wonderful young humans. 

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Nora Jean Stone's Interests & Activities:

Astrology, polymer clay,social media marketing, blogging, Japanese culture, SciFi, CyberPunk, literature, film making, end user computer tech

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